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We started this little relax music CD shop in 2017 with seven CDs featuring music from the first 5 years of the relaxdaily music project. More relaxdaily music and also music from my piano sessions might become available in the future, if there’s demand. Please visit for updates every now and then.

– Michael (relaxdaily music creator) –

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Our relaxdaily CDs are available exclusively here on shop.relaxdaily.net. They are produced for you on demand and shipped to many countries. Check if we ship to your country below:

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Let’s give it try

For me it never made much sense to sell CDs on my own. It is a business with a low margins and high risk.

In summer 2015, I did a CD giveaway of my prototype B-Sides 1 CDs to relaxdaily listeners who participated in the 2015 relaxdaily survey.

After a lovely response from the relaxdaily community, making available CDs to all relaxdaily fans never got out of my mind. Especially my friend Nico, who helps me with the relaxdaily project since 2015, pushed me to give it another try.

Time went by and finally we are proud presenting you a solution that should work for both, you and us. Do you enjoy CDs? Give it a try, order one and let me know what you think about our offering. I always try to listen to my loyal community.
It’s a pleasure to serve you as a musician,

– Michael (relaxdaily music creator) –

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